Why You Shouldn’t Start A Blog In 10 Minutes

start a blogIf you have been on Pinterest or even the internet in the past few months, you have probably seen a title similar to ‘How To Start A Blog in 10 minutes”. You are usually inclined to click on that, if the blogs that you follow are successful. Who doesn’t love the idea of quitting your day job to be a stay at home blogger?

As someone who did start a blog in 10 minutes and then started a blog the right way, there are some important things that go into starting up a blog that you just can’t do in 10 Minutes Or Less, no matter what any successful blog tells you. You need to have a good name, good hosting, a blog plan and connections in your niche.

I started a free WordPress blog, found myself a cool customizable theme and started posting right away but it was pretty much just me talking to myself on the Internet. I had high hopes for monetizing my blog but I was so limited on my free website and my blog name that I hadn’t put a lot of thought into, to be honest.

I was growing out of my blog name and I taught myself everything that I could about blogging. I needed to have a blog that fit me, and my business needs. I wanted to be able to post what I wanted to post and be able to use my own voice as opposed to catering all of my posts to fit with my name.

Make a plan

Before we jump into the actual creation of your blog you need to make up a plan. In this plan you will need to take the following steps;

What are you trying to do with your blog? Think about what you intend to do from your blog. Are you planning to earn money, get your voice heard or just have a sort of place to tell your story and vent about things?

Pick a name. This may sound simple but it is very important in the long run. I have grown out of so many blog names that I didn’t think through the whole way. Think into the long run, how is your website name going to stand up to the test of time.

Chose a color scheme. You also need to think about color schemes, this may seem irrelevant but the amount of time that I spent finding colors that worked together would blow your mind. Susannah from Garnishing Co wrote a lovely post on how to choose the right color scheme, you can read the full post by clicking here.

So now that you have somewhat of an idea of what you want to do with your blog, you now have to actually create it. This is the fun part for me at least. In order to have full customization abilities , you want to get good hosting, a responsive theme and an idea in mind of a logo you want to buy/create yourself.

Getting Set Up

Choose a web host. You probably know of a few web hosting companies without even realizing it. Bluehost, goDaddy, Host Gator and eHost are among the most popular. I currently use Bluehost as most bloggers do. They have awesome customer service and helped me build my websites, but there are good things about all of them. You can sign up for hosting from Bluehost HERE.

Get yourself a badass theme. In the beginning of my blogging career, I never really understood the importance of having a good theme. I thought people would come to my website and just want to read what I was writing. HA HA. I was mistaken. Some people wouldn’t even take a second look at my website to view the content that I was posting. If you use hosting through Bluehost, it is so easy to buy themes and install from your cPanel, or straight from WordPress if that is the blogging platform you are using. A theme really lets you personalize your website and make it your own. There are some amazing people who make themes too, for example Ana from Minted Pixel has some gorgeous themes that you can purchase and at a very fair price too! You can check them out at mintedpixel.com or by clicking HERE.

Now you have gotten yourself a fancy looking blog, a plan of what you want to get out of your blog and a name that will withstand the test of time. Now the fun can begin.

Starting to Blog

Create Blog Posts. Hopefully, this is why you started a blog in the first place like I did, for the love of writing. Create posts that your readers will not only love to read, but that you love yo write. I love helping people so my website is mostly hacks, how-to’s and helpful tips. It may take some time to figure our what you are good at writing about, but it will definitely come.

Make yourself some corresponding social media accounts. This way, all of your Facebook friends can keep up to date without you seeming annoying on their newsfeed. Also, so you can promote on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, LinkedIN, Periscope and about the other 100 social media websites I didn’t find out about until I became a blogger.

Promote the shit out of it. Seriously, in the beginning it feels like you are talking to no one, but then your voice finally gets heard and it’s like an AHA moment and then you make awesome relationships with other bloggers and business owners and it feels so great.

Take some courses. The big badass world of blogging is forever evolving. Things that I thought I knew from years ago are no longer relevant.  In my last post, I made a list of the best free and paid blogging courses that will help you get started the right way. You can check it out HERE

Stay consistent. Try and schedule your posts for the same day each week, so your readers have something to look forward to. This may take a little trial and error as your blogging develops until you get into the swing of things.


You can also get a head start on your blogging career and sign up for my FREE Library of Resources for Bloggers and other creatives, complete with blogging worksheets, stock photos and more.


The Ultimate Roundup Of Free and Paid Blogging Courses

blogging course1

As you know, it takes time and money to blog and you don’t want your time or money to go to waste. Through trial, error and a pinch of luck you may still need some outside intervention. Luckily there are millions of options. 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching free and paid blogging courses. Depending on your budget you may be able to muster up some money for those really quality courses that are going to give you that extra edge in your blogging career but this post was created to help give you a quality alternative if you cannot spare the change and are still looking to grow your blog through blogging courses.


You may think that you know all there is to blogging, but I can assure you that you don’t. I don’t, nobody does. Throughout the years, blogging has changed so much and continues to evolve. As blogging changes, new information arises on how work this, or do that. As a beginner blogger, I thought that courses were a waste of my time and were taking away time that I wanted to be writing. Boy was I wrong! After taking a few  ton of courses on blogging I really did get some good take always.

My favorite Paid Course- The Blogcademy. If you’re looking to invest in your blog, this blogging course is the way to go. Blogcademy breaks it down into bite sized chunks and gives you worksheets and includes a transcript of the course also.

My favorite FREE Course- Intentional Blogging from Jeff Goins. This blogging course is really good from beginner blogger all the way to intermediate or advanced. There are 12 lessons in this free blogging course that go over getting started, finding your blogs focus and your voice.

Growing Your Email List

As a blogger and business owner, I know the importance of an email list. Not only does it help connect with your readers in a more personal level, but it also opens the door to allow you to let them know about your products and promotions right to their inbox.

My favorite Paid Course – List Surge from Melyssa Griffin For only $297 you can have lifetime access to this bomb course. If you don’t have $300 to invest in your blog or business, you should seriously find it. Melyssa has some amazing tips and her strategies have proven to work.

My favorite FREE Course – List Building from Lead Pages. You can download this course right to your computer, which is awesome first of all, and it comes with audio tracks so you can listen to it on the go. (For those of us who love podcasts!) It also has PDFs to print out too! I like to write things down, so having print outs is awesome to me!


blogging course

Social Media Marketing

I am trying to get back into Twitter and really get my game face on. Just jumping back into Twitter during the launch of my most recent blog, it got very overwhelming and I felt like my posts were getting lost in the mix of all the other posts and I wasn’t getting the full value. Since I wasn’t taking in any clients (aka not making money) I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money while I was staying home full time. I researched A LOT of free courses. I took Strategic Analysis all the way down to Blogging Basics to make sure I had all my bases covered. I learned quite a bit about what it takes to have a quality blogging course, free or paid.

My favorite paid course- Social Media Marketing by Northwestern University.

This course, available on coursera for $80, is 5 courses compiled into one. It goes in depth into Social Media, the power of listening, engagement, advertising and business. At the end of this course you will receive a certificate in social media marketing.

My favorite Free course- Social Media Marketing by Shaw Academy.

In this free course you will learn about YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. After completion of this course, you will also have a diploma in Social Media Marketing.


Thinking of your blog like a business is the best way to do things, especially if someday you intend to monetize your blog and be able to create something of it. When it comes to turn your blog into a business, there are a TON of ways you can go about it. These next two courses will be about business as it pertains to blogging.

My favorite FREE blogging course- Infopreneur in 5 by Regina. In this free email course she goes over creating info products, breaking down how to turn a profit from them and how to create online workshops that you can package and sell later.

My favorite paid course- Elite Blogging Academy. While enrollment is currently close for EBA, I can still tell you about them. EBA is not only a monetary investment, but a timely one which may turn ‘quick fix’ people off. This 12 part blogging program is good for new bloggers and advanced bloggers alike, which is awesome to kind of have a program that works for a lot of people.


I classify Pinterest into it’s own category because it is not like the other social media channels. Pinterest is more accurately described as a search engine. Almost all of the content made up on Pinterest is that of blog posts. If you can master Pinterest, than you can master blog traffic.

My favorite FREE Course- Pinterest Power by Lady Boss League. This 5 day course offers you strategies to pinning and why no one is following you. This course is awesome to getting your feet wet with Pinterest.

My favorite Paid course- Power of Pinning by Melanie Duncan. For an investment of $297 you can get Melanie’s proven steps to building Pinterest growth, a workbook, videos and a content creation checklist.


I hope, that with these free and paid courses, you can take your blogging to the next level and be able to monetize and have a profitable blog.

In what ways are you looking to expand in your blog or grow the monetary value of your blog?


blogging courses 5

You can also sign up for my FREE E Mail course on how to stop wasting your time in your blog and business!


5 Blogging Hacks Every Blogger Should Use




When I first started out blogging, I thought everything I did needed to be insanely difficult and that there was this secret society of bloggers who didn’t give away their blogging secrets to push new bloggers out. That was before I figured out blogging hacks.

Ha ha

I soon realized that I just didn’t know where the hell to look for the proper information, or that the process of finding exactly what I was looking for became so strenuous that I quickly gave up my search.

As a new blogger, I felt like all I was doing was either promoting on one social media website or another and not doing what I started blogging for, the writing.

I felt like I wasn’t connecting with my readers because I was too busy typing everything into 160 characters or less.

I needed a change.

I took to the Internet and looked up phone hacks, computer hacks, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest hacks, blogging hacks, you name it, I have looked up them all.

I decided to take some of the things that I learned from those hacks a and implement them into my blogging and social media promotion.

Here is what I came up with:

My first and favorite blogging hack is as simple as copy and paste.

You heard that right, baby.

I pre-type up my social media posts and tweak them as I post them. I change up the hashtags and switch around some words, but they are usually very similar to the same post.

see below;




So then where do you paste that from there? This brings me to my next time saver! HOOTSUITE. My life and my love of blogging. There are a ton of scheduling software like Buffer and a bunch of others, but Hootsuite is free and easy as heck to use, so I will stick with what I know. I copy and paste my post, add an image and schedule it our for the next day.



My next blogging hack is hashtag hacking. I use this in Instagram instead of typing out a million hashtags into the box on Instagram. If you are using an iPhone or iPad you can do this hack. Go to settings> General > Keyboard > Text Replacement




Another blogging hack I LOVE using is the hidden image code. Some of you are probably like WTF is she talking about, and the other half are hearing angels sing! If you’re on Pinterest then you know all about those big beautiful images that make you want to click on them.

Yeah those ones. 

The ones that look AMAZING on Pinterest but take up your entire website it seems.  When writing a post, I would rather read a post that has a bunch of normal size pictures throughout as opposed to one humongous picture.

here is the code :

<div style=”display: none;”>insert image link here :)</div>

Now how do you use it?

You insert the image into the code in the text editor of your post. See below:

Blogging hacks8 Blogging hacks7





Another one of my favorite blogging hacks is the tweet this plug in. All I do is type

then my readers can tweet an inspirational quote, something hilarious I said or something they found incredibly useful.

I really hope that you found this post useful and that you got something that you can take away from this. Making my life, and other bloggers lives easier is something that I definitely strive for. I am always looking for new blogging hacks, so if you have any to share drop them in the comments.

What is your favorite blogging hack or thing that makes blogging easier for you?


Blogging hacks

10 Things You Need To Do To Get Serious About Your Blog




So you’re probably here because you have a blog. Either just starting out, or maybe you’ve had a blog for quite a long time. We all know that starting out is hard. Growing a following, getting responses and just getting people to read your posts in general, all seemed like enormous tasks that I had to overcome everyday.

I had absolutely no idea what the hell I was doing. I was an avid reader of some awesome blogs, and I loved to write, that is all that I knew. One day I decided that starting a blog was a good idea, looking back it definitely was.

When I first started my blog, I wasn’t entirely sure of my niche. I had a lot of interests and I couldn’t narrow it down to one. Well I now know that I don’t have to. I blog about things that I know, like motherhood, but I also blog about things that I am learning about as I go, like blogging, making money from home and being a stay at home mom. I like to share my progress as I go because I think it shows my readers that

I have been blogging for awhile and I didn’t get serious about my blog until recently. I didn’t realize how hard that it could be to have a successful blog. Well I was making it a lot harder than it needed to be. Here is what I did to get serious about my blog.

1. Set Goals. I feel like I say this all the time, but I set goals weekly, sometimes even daily. Sometimes I write them down, and sometimes I just tell my husband and he keeps me on track. I have daily goals when I wake up, such as, today I will connect with a new blogger, or that I will learn something new that will benefit me as a mother, wife, blogger or person. I also make a weekly goal, for example, this week I want to post more about family life instead of just motherhood. Lastly I have my monthly goals. These goals are always in the back of my mind, whether it be to grow my subscribers list, or to reach x amount of views this month, I ALWAYS make it very specific. Setting goals always makes me feel very motivated and puts things into perspective for me.

2. Start posting better content. I had read a lot of posts on how to have a successful blog, and almost all of them said to post more often. When I started my blog, I was posting twice a week and was maybe getting 200 views per month. I started changing the quality of my posts to well written, longer posts and I ended up with 200 views in 1 day!

3. Utilize social media. I joined Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, not knowing how to use any of them really. I shared my content as soon as it went live on my blog and thought that would be enough. It wasn’t. I learned this with Facebook first, when my friends would message me saying that they wouldn’t see my posts unless they searched for me specifically. Well that isn’t going to get my blog any traffic. Then I learned about twitter. People post tweets a million times a day! I was incredibly overwhelmed with twitter when I first started, and I am growing my following and getting the hang of it.

4. Reach out to other bloggers. Not only can other bloggers teach you a thing or two, but you can make some amazing friendships from meeting other bloggers. You don’t even need to be in the same niche. You like food, and maybe there is an awesome food blogger out there that is super successful, that you just love and think is hilarious. Reach out to them. Bloggers are people, and honestly whats the worst that could happen? You don’t get a reply. Your life wont be over, I promise.

5. Have an accountability partner. Luckily for me, mine is my awesome husband. He really does keep me on track. Have you followed up on that guest post opportunity? Did you respond to all of you comments and emails today? How many views do you have this month until you are at your goal? Not only does it inspire me to do good so that I have something to brag about, but it really does keep me on track when I feel unmotivated and don’t want to do shit.
6. Invest in your blog. Now I am not talking about dropping millions and millions of dollars on your blog before you have even written anything. You can invest in your blog by getting blogging books, some internet courses on how to better your blog, your domain and self hosting. I use Bluehost* and it is seriously amazing! You can sign up right now for only $4.95! Seriously investing $5 in your blog a month is so worth it!

7. Look at your blog like a business. Think of things that you would/ wouldn’t do if you had a successful business. You would want to reach out to other businesses and you would want to have a positive image. You will want to be reachable. Leave links to your social media, your email so that if someone has questions, they can easily be answered.

8. Plan your posts. I have at least 4 posts in my drafts at all times, and I have a calendar of what I am going to posts and when. This helps me if I have a post scheduled and I completely get writers block on the subject, I can post one of my drafts and not have to get freaked out and discouraged because I missed a day of posting. Get yourself a good planner! I found some awesome ones on Amazon, and they are seriously worth every stinking penny.

9. Have a good design for your website. Make your website appealing to the people that you are targeting. Make your website easy on the eyes, and make sure that it is functional. You will want to have buttons to your social media, so that people can share your posts, and you should have colors that work well together on your blog. You should have your website easily accessible, make sure that people can easily share, subscribe, like and comment on your posts, to make sure that you are getting the most out of your blog design.

10. Be yourself. I CANNOT stress this enough. There is nothing that I hate more than going to a blog, and you can tell that they are tip toeing around as to not offend anyone. Guess what? I would love to hear you say some swear words and tell a personal story once in awhile. I swear in my posts all the time, and nobody has every said anything to me. yet. Make sure your blog reflects who you are as a person. If you are not a super girly-girl who likes tea and crumpets, then don’t post about it because you will definitely be selling yourself short, because you are amazing.

Conclusively, there are about a million and one things that you can do to get serious about your blog, but these are the 10 that I think are seriously important, and helped me grow my blog traffic tremendously.

What are some changes that you have made in order to grow your blog and get serious about it?

Don’t Turn A Bad Day Into A Bad Life





Hey there. I know sometimes this shit downright sucks. Excuse my language, but we know it’s the truth. We’re not the same people that we used to be. Our kids are growing personalities, sometimes they don’t listen. There was once a time when you would greet your hunny at the door, eager to talk about your day and how much you missed each other. You will have weekends away together and being intimate is a necessity, not a chore. You will have butterflies when you see them and stay up all night talking. How quickly things change. You have kids, showering goes from a daily occurrence to a strategically planned event while one child is napping and the other is watching cartoons.
Having children changes us, it changes our marriages, it changes our goals. Where we would once aspire to travel the world, now we aspire to grow smart, strong and healthy children. Your priorities change, for the better. Sometimes it is all too overwhelming. I know first hand, you’re not alone.

Here are some things that I want you to know;

Think of going to bed tonight as a reset switch. When you wake up in the morning, just know that it is a new day. Start the day off with a positive approach and learn from the mistakes that you made yesterday and don’t repeat them. Use this new day as a lazy day if you felt overwhelmed the previous day.

We cannot always control what happens to us. Hell, sometimes I think that I have no control of what happens, ever. Days like this will come, and days like this will go, but if it is something that you can’t change, just let it go. You got a flat tire on your way to work? That’s not your fault, tires go flat. Does it suck? Hell yes. Is your boss going to give you shit? More than likely. So brush it off, and continue on with your day.

It is okay to cry.

If you are anything like me, you have a lot on your plate at any given time. Maybe something smell sent you over the edge. You have so much to handle, and you just feel like crying. Go ahead. I’m not judging you. Neither are the millions of other people in the world that are doing the exact same thing. Crying is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign that you have been strong for way to long. Go to someone you trust, put your face on their shoulder and ugly cry. You know what I am talking about.

It will get better.

Honestly. People have told me this and I have often just downright just refused to believe it. Sometimes all it takes is for me to just stop caring about the negative things, and start focusing on the positive things. The kids aren’t always going to be bad, money isn’t always going to be tight and work isn’t always going to suck. If you can push through the awful times, than you should have no trouble thriving through the wonderful ones that lie ahead.


Nothing is better than getting knocked down, and coming back up with a smile on your face. Show those bad days who’s the boss. You are. Nobody likes a negative Nancy, and it’s not going to make your day any better by moping around about it. You are strong. Show the world just how strong you are and come back with a smile.

“Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.” ~Victor Kiam

What are some things that you do when you are having a downright awful day, and there is no chance of it turning around?

How To Set Attainable Goals


Goal setting



We have ALL been there.

Setting a New Years resolution that we won’t keep. Promising to lose those last 10 pounds or devoting more time to yourself.

It just doesn’t happen.

I’m guilty.

Are you?

Most of the time we make goals that are plain and don’t motivate us.

Making sure that your goals are attainable is a HUGE step.

Sometimes we make goals that are too big, or we don’t set up a plan to reach our goals.

The following tools you can use with your business, blog or any other aspect of your life that you may want to set goals for.

With my coaching, there are a few things that I like to include when setting attainable goals.

  1. Make sure your goals are precise. You will have a better chance of hitting your goals if you make a very specific goal that needs to be hit. Making sure that your goal is precise helps to guide you in the direction that you needs to go, which makes hitting the goal easier!
  2. Make your goal measurable. Give yourself a limit to reach. As opposed to “get more sleep” as a goal, make your goal to get “8 hours of sleep per night”. This makes your goal easy to track and helps you reach it faster.
  3. Align your goals with your life. What I mean by this is make sure that your goals are going to propel your forward. You want your goals to reflect where you want to be with your life or with your business down the road.
  4. Create a timeline. A goal isn’t a goal unless you give it a time. You can say, “I will lose 10 lbs”, or “I will lose 10 lbs by summer.” Giving the time of before summer, you know that is when you have to get it done by.
  5. Write down your goals. Write what you want on a piece of paper, and put it somewhere where you will see it everyday. This will remind you that you need to get it done.
  6. Create a vision board. This goes right along side with writing down your goals. Having your inspiration to look at every day really drives you to reach your goals.
  7. Have an accountability partner. A great aspect of having a life coach is they are great at keeping you accountable for your actions. They know the specifics of your goals and they know how to keep you on track. They also have the tools to help you overcome any obstacle that you may hit while reaching your goals.

It’s very important in goal setting to make sure that you always stay positive. Whether it be in your personal life, your blog or your business your goals may start out progressing slowly, but when you finally get your momentum, your goals will seem so close.

Another problem with setting goals is that people quickly give up on their goals when they don’t see immediate results. Being patient is a huge obstacle to overcome when trying to hit a goal.

Sign up for our mailing list to receive access to the FREE goal setting worksheet.

So tell me, what is a goal that you’ve been trying to set?

5 Ways To Be Happy



For the longest time, I had always been jealous of those happy people. They gleamed and they were always smiling.


I would ask myself, Why can’t I be that way?

I have an amazing husband and adorable, intelligent, hilarious children.

What was missing?

It turns out, nothing was missing, I just had a block in my mind that was just keeping me from being happy.

Well I flipped the switch and now I can see the light. All I had to do was make a few simple changes.

It all started one day when someone said something to me that I would usually dwell on for days on end. Picking myself apart and trying to change myself for someone else.

Looking back, it was foolish.

Why should I let my happiness depend on someone else’s validation of me?

I shouldn’t. 

I started out by thinking of all the great things about myself.

Intelligent, great mother/wife, ridiculously good looking. You know, the obvious. HA

But then I thought about the negative. 

Now this is where everything got very clear for me.

What was I unhappy with?

Who were the negative people in my life?

Then I thought to myself, I am worth more than this!

Why would I settle for less?

So I decided to make an executive decision for my life and my family. I would just be happy. 

Easier than it sounds right? Wrong. 

Not only is happiness a feeling, it is a mindset.

Here are some things you can do to be happy, and live a fulfilling life;

Smile more!

I started smiling with everything I did. Smiling at my husband when he came home from work, even if my day was treacherous. It was contagious.

Everyone around me was happier. Maybe I was the negative thing in my life. Woah. 

Invest in yourself!

I started investing in myself. Not only money, but time. I started taking that extra 15 minutes to get ready in the morning, or perhaps slept in that extra 15 minutes when hubby was home.


I ate the donut (or two) and drank my morning coffee with the sun rise. I started surrounding myself with beautiful things and I removed the clutter, then I saw my life get more beautiful.

Push out the negative!

If there is someone, something in your life dragging you down, rid yourself of that negativity! Don’t underestimate your worth.

Stop worrying!

If you can’t change it, don’t worry about it, and if you can change it, then do so!

I changed these 5 things in my life to get happy, and my life has had such a great return.

Now that I told you how I got happy, now is my chance to help you get happy too. What’s holding you back?

How To Love Yourself


Always being the fat girl or the ugly friend or even the ugly sister in school, I developed a complex. One that built up huge walls and make me question every division I ever made.


Every decision.

While I didn’t change my appearance, or my family members (no matter how much I may like to sometimes), I did change my outlook on myself.

I think that I am generally a good looking person, even though I tend to carry some extra weight.

I have always been self concious about my body never being good enough, until I realized that I really am incredible.

My body has been through so much!

Childbirth, illnesses, trauma and a suicide attempt in my early teenage years.

I have scars.

I have bruises.

I have pimples and stretch marks.

All of these things show my journey and without these markings I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I have learned to love my body.


Loving your body isn’t the only thing you need to do to love yourself.

You also need to love your personality. Soooo maybe you were a mean girl all of your life.


Guess what?! 

You can change that.

Start your day with positive things. Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing that your nose is too big, see that you have the longest and most beautiful eye lashes.

Mind blown right?

We pick ourselves apart day after day and wonder why none of us think we are worth it.

Loving yourself has this beautiful domino effect causing you to love everyone other people too.

You don’t see big or small, black or white. You see between the lines. The beautiful stories these people have to tell.

When you love yourself, you care more and love deeper.

Life Coaching has taught me that there is SO MUCH MORE to life. To everything. 

Loving myself has made me a better wife, mother, coach and blogger.

What’s one thing you love about yourself?

What Is A Success Coach And Why Do You Need One?

Success coach



They say to make money, you have to have money. There’s just one problem with that. If you’re in the biz to make money, you probably don’t have a lot to start out with.

Being a stay at home mother fueled my passion to work from home. I had never played the role as a stay at home mom until my second son was on his way. I fell in love with being home with my boys.

There’s just one dilemma. Money.

I was making a significant amount of money while I was working, and you develop a sort of lifestyle when you have a good amount of the green stuff coming in. It’s been a few months and we don’t even miss the income that I used to have coming in, and we are living just as well. Which makes me think, “Where the hell was all that money going?!”

While we were doing good living off my husbands income, I was hit with one financial burden. My husbands birthday.

While you may think that’s no big deal, to just use the money in our bank account. I feel like it’s a slap in the face. My husband works so hard for our family, working a full job 6 days of the week, then coming home and taking care of the kids so I can have a moment of peace and quiet. I wanted to do something special. I wanted to earn the money. Then I was faced with another dilemma. I have two small children in the house and we definitely can’t afford daycare for two kids! That is expensive!

This led me to my next problem. How am I going to make money without pawning my precious babies off on someone else?!

A lot of thoughts ran through my head when I started this journey.

HOW am I going to do this?

WHERE do I even start?

WHAT am I good at?

These are all questions that you should also ask yourself.

Find something you’re good at, and take advantage of it. Turns out I am good at helping people, and that is what inspired me to be a life coach.

You are probably thinking that you don’t need a life coach. Or you’re thinking what do they even do?

Let’s start with what is a life coach?

A life coach is a person who counsels and encourages clients move forward with their personal and professional developments.

Life coaching helps guide people through transitioning stages in their life.

Ask yourself this question, why do I need a life coach?

First off, let’s start with accountability. 

Having a life coach ensures that you are held accountable for things that you’ve done. NOT to punish you, but to help you work through it.

I wish I could go back in time and get a life coach as soon as I hit high school. Who knows where I would be!

Secondly, life coaches unlock all that built up potential that you didn’t even know you had. They help YOU overcome your problems or the things holding you back.

But ultimately, it was in you all along!

Having a life coach can also help you avoid unnecessary stresses in your life. You know how sometimes you just need a stranger to give you a different perspective on situations?

That’s a life coach. 

They are your safe haven. You can talk about anything, and they will encourage you through it.

Having a life coach will boost your confidence. You will stop second-guessing yourself and will end up getting more out of life, which will ultimately lead you to be much happier.

You will find out who you really are when you have a life coach.

Ever questioned your purpose in life?

A life coach can help with that too.

Life coaching can also help you with any hurdles that you may have with your business.

And overcoming struggles with your business means more money in your pocket!

What hurdles in your life are you currently facing?

5 Tools To Help You Be Confident



What is confidence?


You hear that word all the time.

It’s everywhere.
Do you have it? What is it?

Confidence is defined as firm trust, the state of feeling certain about the truth of something, OR a feeling of self assurance arising from ones own abilities or qualities.

Are you a confident person?

I could honestly say that I wasn’t for a long time.

Second guessing myself, being shy, afraid to go out of my comfort zone or to do something out of my element.

Sound familiar?


I got over it, and I can give you the tools to get over your lack of confidence too.

1. DRESS CONFIDENT! I cannot stress this enough. I look at well dressed people ALL THE TIME, and think to myself, ” Wow they have really got their shit together!” They may not, but I will never know, because to the outside person, they look confident. But yourself that yellow dress and ROCK it, girl!

2. Eye contact. Not only will your connection with the person you are talking to be deeper, but you will gain their trust by being more confident. Looking down at your feet shows that you are shy, and may be uninterested in the conversation. Not only should you make eye contact, but you should hold your gaze.

3. Stand up straight! Yep, I’m taking your mothers side in this one! Slouching over can show a submissive attitude, but standing straight and tall, keeping your chin up shows people just who is the boss!

4. Smile! Nothing shows you’re confident more than a smile. Shy people tend not to smile as often. Smiling makes everyone feel more comfortable and have a closer connection with you.

5. Think Confident! The biggest setback with confidence is YOU. Get out of your own head. You know that saying “Fake it until you make it”? It directly applies here.

Practice being confidence in your everyday life. Talk to strangers, take a class with some peers for a hobby you’re interested in, help others and take some risks!

One of the biggest things people do that makes them look less confident is constantly apologizing. Only say sorry when you are truly sorry, if you have done wrong.

I used to be one of those people when I would walk past someone in the store and say I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but once I built up confidence, I know longer bow my head and say sorry. I stand up straight, smile and say excuse me!

What are some things you do that make you feel confident?