50 Blog Post Titles To Grab Your Readers Attention


As a blogger, sometimes we have trouble with the part that is most important, writing. Not having any inspiration can be increasingly difficult.

You’re unsure what to write about, or any topic that you come up with, you can’t seem to get out enough words to matter. I have compiled this list of blog post titles that will grab your readers attention and bring them to your website.

1. How to ___
2. # Things I do everyday
3. A day in the life of a ___
4. 11 Reasons you should ____ right now
5. The ultimate guide to___
6. My favorite ____ and why.
7. You are doing ___ all wrong! Try ____ instead.
8. Product review
9. Roundup of your favorite bloggers/bosses/youtubers
10. Your most popular posts
11. An open letter to ___
12. Reason you started blogging.
13. Share a funny experience.
14. Share something that happened to you that you overcame.
15. What motivates you?
16. How do you stay creative?
17. Write about what you have learned so far in your blogging career.
18. Share your favorite plugins
19. Interview other bloggers
20. Share pictures of your work space
21. Share your goals
22. Actionable ways to rock ____
23. Savvy ways to boost ____
24. Rookie mistakes ____ make
25. The Do’s and Don’t of ____

For 25 more blog post titles CLICK HERE to sign up for my resource library.

15 ways to earn extra income

As you know I am all about working from home and having a thriving business. But what do you do when business is slow, or you just aren’t bringing in enough money from your day job? How do you earn extra income?

You side hustle.

What is a side hustle?

A side hustle is a way to earn extra income ( on the side ) that isn’t your main source of income.

Why are some reasons you need to earn extra income:

  • Saving for vacation
  • Getting out of debt
  • Holidays
  • Wanting to live a different kind of lifestyle
  • Buying a new house or car

No matter what the reason for wanting to earn extra income, there are easy and fool proof ways to do so.

How to you even start earning extra income?

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you are ready to earn extra income from a side hustle:

  1. What am I good at?
  2. How much time can I devote to a side hustle?
  3. What am I saving for?
  4. How much extra income am I looking to earn?
  5. Do I have to tools necessary to earn extra income from home?

Ways to earn extra income:

Sell Things


Have an old game system or an antique picture? It will sell like gold on eBay. If you have some extra stuff lying around, and want to earn extra income, eBay is the way to go.


If you enjoy creating things, such as cards, pillows, candles or anything else handmade, etsy if for you. It is really easy to get started and Isela from IselaEspana.com has a great post on how to get started on etsy. You can find it here

Flip Junk

While this income stream is not as work from home as the others, you can still make a pretty penny off of it. If you pass by a yard sale or a flea market and see an item that just needs a little love, flipping it is a great way to earn extra income. Some items that do very well include furniture and other household items. The key to this is to find items that wont be a huge investment for you, for example, maybe the item only needs a fresh coat of paint, a good wash or a few nails, knobs or buttons.

earn extra incomeMake Money With Apps

Pact App

Oh yeah, my dream come true. You can earn extra income by working out or eating healthy using the Pact app. If you don’t workout or eat healthy, they deduct money from your account. Just go to pactapp.com to start earning for working out and eating healthy!


A way to earn extra income is to sell your services on Fiverr. Unlike selling something on eBay or another platform, you earn income by selling services. You list what you are good at, and create gigs, based on your gigs, buyers come to you. By using Fiverr I have been able to earn extra income in my first 24 hours on Fiverr.

Just like pact app as mentioned above, there are apps that you can earn extra income from! Apps like ebates and ibotta pay you to online shop.


Ebates pays you to shop on all of your favorite websites online. You get a percentage of your total back in cash back. When you sign up you can also get a $10 gift card or $10 in ebates cash. They also have double cash back days. It is really easy to earn extra income with ebates, and it doesn’t take any extra time out of your day. You can sign up for ebates here and start earning extra income today.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


With ibotta you earn extra income by shopping locally. If you go to a grocery store, ibotta gives you a certain amount of cash back on promotional items that they have on their website. All you need to do is scan your receipt after purchasing your items and then you will start earning.

Capitalize on your knowledgeearn extra income

Start a blog

Not every blog generates income, but you can earn extra income by monetizing your blog. Some ways to earn extra income from your blog are:

– Ads

– Affiliate networks

– Working with brands

You can check out my post How To Start A Blog to get more information on starting a blog.

But I don’t have anything to say.

I hear that all the time. You don’t think you have anything to say. Think of your blog like a journal, write about anything and everything, until you find your niche. It took me years to find out what I was good at writing about. I went from blogging about health and beauty, to being a mom blogger, to finally finding my niche in business and blogging about blogging.

If you asked me what I would be writing about 1 year ago, it definitely wouldn’t have been having my own business and blogging.

Create a course

Are you good at something? People will pay money for you to teach them a skill. Can you play guitar? Create a course on guitar for beginners. There are many platforms you can create courses on, teachable, udemy or you can even create a course and submit it to itunesU.

Write a book

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Gillian Perkins breaks it down on how to write your first book in one month. You can check out her post here and get started creating a book to earn extra income. She is also a book writing boss and wrote the bestselling book Sorted: Freedom Through Structure.

Why would I write a book?

If you have any knowledge in a specific niche, writing a book could be very beneficial to other people by reading your book, and also good for your wallet to help you earn extra income. You don’t have to be an expert in something to write a book. You can write a fantasy book, or a romance. The possibilities are truly endless.

earn extra incomeSell A Service

Unlike selling a physical product, selling a service can be just as easy of a way to earn extra income and also in some cases, can also be just as, if not more rewarding.


Bloggers, authors and big websites will pay you to proofread their articles, books, email. Michele from Making Cents of Cents wrote a great post on how to make money proofreading. You can read her article here.

Freelance Writing

You can get paid to write for other blogs and websites. While a lot of people say it is difficult to earn extra income by freelancing, many successful writers are freelancers. Elna Cain of elnacain.com and twinsmommy.com is a freelance writer and coach for freelancers. Within 6 months of starting her freelancing career she was able to bring in a full time income, she also helps moms become mompreneurs and create money making blogs. I couldn’t just link to one of her posts, because I absolutely love them all. If you are looking for freelance tips, I recommend her 100%

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who helps a business run more smoothly. The duties include making phone calls, scheduling posts, handling social media accounts for business or scheduling their next doctors appointment. The options are truly endless, and it is a great way to earn extra income. There are a few places that you can go for legitimate virtual assisting jobs. You can check out upwork.com for longer virtual assistant gigs, but if you are looking for something part time or occasionally to earn extra income, fiverr is the way to do it. I have booked gigs for 24 hours, 2 days or a week, and you set your own rate, so you never have to compromise on what you want to get paid.

Customer Service

Many big companies like Amazon and Apple like to hire remote customer service agents. For the most part the general requirements are a phone, internet and the ability to multitask. This is a great way to earn extra income, because a lot of people feel a sense of security when they are signed into a legitimate job. This may not be the case for everyone, if you are looking for more flexible ways to earn extra income as a customer service representative, again fiverr is a great service.

Test Websites

You can easily earn extra income by testing websites. You head over to a website, give a verbal or video reaction to the website while taking a look around, and submit your reaction. Some places you can sign up and test websites on are Usertesting.com, enrollapp.com, feedbackarmy.com, testingtime.com and userzoom.com. The general pay rate for them is $10 and they usually take about 10-15 minutes. All of the websites are open to global users and require a paypal account.

Why side hustle to earn extra income instead of just getting another job?earn extra income

The great thing about most of the side hustles I mentioned is not only can you earn extra income, but you can also do most of these side hustles full time as well but if you don’t want to, you have the utmost flexibility to do all of the side hustles you want pretty much whenever you want.

To keep all of your side hustles and work from home ventures on track, CLICK HERE to grab my work from home workbook to stay organized.



earn extra income
earn extra income

How To Create Great Content That Converts

Great content
create great content

great content
Do you ever feel like you have all these really amazing content ideas, you write awesome blog posts and you feel like you’re doing everything right?

Me too! 

Here I was writing 800- 1200 word blog posts, that I thought were great. But I wasn’t bringing in ANY clients or getting any subscribers.

What was I doing wrong?

Here are the factors that I changed that starting bringing me tons of email subscribers in a short amount of time.



I started with the images that I was putting out there. I took a look at my Instagram feed first, and to say it was a disaster was a brutal understatement. My photos were all over the place, I had random selfies, not very good images that I took and I didn’t have a specific look what so ever. Creating great content on Instagram is essential because everything is visual! You cannot bring them in with your words.

Having good content on your Instagram is great because then people can get an image of your brand before they hear your story or get to read anything on your website. Caileigh from Odds and Ends Creative has an amazing post on how to book clients from Instagram. Check out her post here.


Having great content is so important because it will bring people right to your website, and if you have a pin that gets re-pinned and re-pinned. Having your post get seen by more people increases the chances of getting clients or subscibers to your email list.

You can check out my post on how I tripled my Pinterest followers in 3 weeks by branding my Pinterest by clicking here

What it means to have good content on Pinterest:

– Large images

– White space

– Your website

– A content upgrade


Having a Facebook page for your business is a great way to bring clients in. You can share your posts and connect with your readers on a more personal level. Quotes always do really great on Facebook, and they help people get a sense of what your values are by the quotes that you share.

People love to share quotes on Facebook, which means that your posts will get seen by more people, thus increasing your chances for more subscribers and clients.

Great content

Creating Great Content On Your Blog

In order to have a successful blog, you are going to need some content.

Here are a few types of great content that will convert clients.


These do exceptionally well on Pinterest. In addition to the standard size Pinterest images, Infographics do really well also.


Writing how-to posts on your blog are a good way to share you knowledge and expertise to your readers, and writing great content that pertains to your skill is a great way to bring in clients or newsletter subscribers because they will be intrigued to learn more.


Going right along with how-to’s, lists are another example of great content way to show your readers that you have knowledge. Giving them a list on great products, things that can make their life easier or things that you recommend are a great way to bring people to your website and bring in revenue ( if you are utilizing affiliate links).

Resources List

Personally, I have about 15 websites bookmarked that provide resources for unique or feminine stock photos. You could also provide other resources for no matter what kind of blogger or business owner you are.


Having a checklist, or a to-do post is a great way to get clients. Also adding the checklist as a content upgrade will bring you in tons of email subscribers.

Blog Series

Having a series of posts on your blog is a great way to bring in clients. Being able to break something down into 5 or 10 posts that go in-depth  to teach something is an example of great content because it is very helpful to your readers.

Having great content isn’t limited to the kinds of posts you write, but also to what you write in your posts.

Search Engine Optomize

One of the qualifications of having great content is that it should be search engine optometized.

I am sure you are sick of hearing this phrase. As a new blogger, I would write 3-400 words and call it a day. HA HA HA.

I am looking back and laughing at myself. I believe the shortest blog post I have right now is 700 words and it makes me cringe. In a nutshell is having a keyword and using it a bunch of times in your post, having some nice images, and a bunch of words.

Spell Check

Seriously, spell check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Part of having great content is not having errors. When you have a ton of typos in your blog post, you lose some credibility.

Keep it relevant

Keeping your posts on task, having a point behind each blog post or story is a must for having great content.


Great content

Creating Opt Ins

Opt ins are great content because they are an added bonus that your readers have to sign up for to receive. A few examples of opt- ins are a free course, a checklist, cheat sheet, workbook or planner of some kind.

Another great content upgrade is stock photos! Like I said above, I am a sucker for free stock photos that I can use wherever.

Concluding this post, keep these tips in mind when you are looking to create great content that converts your readers to clients.

What are some ways that you are going to start creating great content to turn your readers into clients?


Click Here To Grab My Content Creation Checklist


Self Care Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Adopt

self care

If we are being completely honest here. If you asked me what my self care was like one year ago I would have asked you what self care even was.

self care
I was trying everything I could in my life. I was working 70 hours a week in a job that I hated, growing a baby inside me, taking care of a 4 year old and running a household. Add up all of those things and self care doesn’t fit in there. Fast forward 1 year and I know exactly what I need to do to keep myself, my family and my business happy.

Practice self care

Sounds simple enough right?

Simple is the magical thing about self care. MY self care routine consists of simple things that I absolutely love and I let myself indulge in them, undistracted.

My dad was helping us at our house by remodeling the floor, if you know me, you know that I get very anxious if things aren’t clean. I come home from a few days out of town with my husband and kids to a discheveled house. EVERYTHING that was in our man cave/ family room was all over the house. My kitchen was a disaster, and saying that it was loud was an understatement.

He finally left at about midnight, only to return at 10 AM. Now don’t get me wrong, I love that my dad is really handy with tools and can fix things and doesn’t want any help with it. But home remodeling and children are not a mix. My 6 month old was not sleeping as it is and the sound of a jackhammer isn’t exactly the best lullaby.

Finally, I knew that I needed a break. I was exhausted, anxious and I couldn’t even hear myself think! So, I took it upon myself to save my sanity to just take a step back. Kiddos in my arms, I marched upstairs, brought some food, turned on the a/c to block out some noise and I snuggled my babies in my bed for half the day. Part of self care for me is being able to know when to walk away from things I don’t like.

self care

Self Care Habits You Can Practice Everyday

Drink your coffee hot.

Although this self care act is so simple, it is so important. How many times a day do you get a cup of coffee but then get pulled 10 different ways and then by the time you come back, your coffee is cold?

too many.

This act doesn’t have to be limited to drinking coffee, it can also be eating your food while it is hot.

Know when to say NO.

This is probably the hardest self care habit to adapt, but in the end will pay off in the long run. I was always afraid to tell someone no in fear of either hurting their feelings or for the sheer fact that it is esier to say yes.

You are practicing self care when you say no, because you should never have to do anything that you don’t want to do.

Find what you love and do it!

I have been privelidged enough to find many things in life that I enjoy doing. I love motherhood, being a wife, and I am very fortunate to have a blog and a business that I also love doing. Part of my self care routine is being able to unplug from all of the things that I love but are constantly stealing my attention. Practicing self care makes me a better mother, more focused worker and a happier wife.

As a blogger, business owner and mother it is hard for me to find something that I love to do and just do it. I ALWAYS think about money, time away from my babies and I ask myself if it is even worth it.

it is. 

Wake up early.

I used to be the person who could sleep until 3pm on a week day. (I mean I am sure I still could) Not out of laziness, but because I absolutely LOVE sleep. Since I have started my business, a self care habit I have developed, was waking up an hour or two before everyone else. It is my time. I can drink my coffee, watch re-runs of old shows, I can write, I can work, I can peacefully shower, I can workout. It feels like the possibilities are endless, and I am adding more hours to the day.

Starting your day off early has a ton of benefits. Zenhabits.net wrote a great post on waking up early. You can check it out here

self care

Take a break

As my story went earlier, I was practicing self care by taking a break. If you are feeling overwhelmed in your business, your blogging or even in your everyday life, just take a break. Whatever you are doing, just put it down. Calm down collect your thoughts and try a new approach later.

When you take a break, don’t do anything that doesn’t feel like a break to you.


You may think that this act of self care is a given, but it isn’t always. For most people showering can be a mundane activity that they complete before work, after work or when they feel dirty. Instead of carrying out this activity as just something you need to do everyday, incorperate it into your self care routine as a theraputic activity.

Try buying yourself a new soap you would enjoy using. Spend an extra 5-10 minutes in the shower. Put lotion on when you are done.


I’ll be the first to admit that I am a chocoholic, everything chocolate all the time. I never actually indulge in chocolate. Part of my self care routine is indulging in things I love. From being a luxurious bubble bath, a new robe or an extra squirt of chocolate in my frappe, I like to indulge myself and take the time to enjoy things.


Part of taking care of yourself and practicing good self care habits are splurging on yourself. Buy yourself that purse that you have been eying up. This is probably the hardest self care act for myself. Being a mother, I always think about ways that this money could be better spent. Sometimes, I am hesitant to spend money on myself or my business no matter how much I know that it will help me be all around better.


I  couldn’t write a post on self care and not tell you to push out the negative. Push out negative self talk, negative people in your life. A great way to start pushing out the negative is to clean up your social media feeds. Delete or mute the people on your social media accounts who are always being negative, either to you, or to others. A great way to be a more positive person is to start a confidence folder in your computer or phone, anytime someone says something nice to you, save it in there and when you are feeling low on yourself, just look back to that. A great book on being positive is called You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero  you can grab it hereThe title says it all. Doubting yourself is a huge part of negative self talk and exactly what you dont want to do when you are trying to practice self care.

Now that you know a few of the ways that I practice self care, what are you going to start doing for yourself to better your life, blog or business?

How I Tripled My Pinterest Followers In 3 Weeks


As many bloggers will tell you, Pinterest is their biggest traffic source.

Sounds crazy right?

Pinterest is just for recipes and wedding inspiration.


Where do you think those recipes are from? Some magical recipe land?


They are from someones blog.

There are a few steps you need to take to ensure that your posts do well on Pinterest.

Pinnable Images

If you want people to share the content from your blog to pinterest, you need to be able to have pinnable images. All that this means is being able to have a large image that looks really good on Pinterest. Some of my favorite blogging tips and hacks have come from Pinterest.

There are a few qualities that your pinterest image should have:

  • Clear Text
  • Large image size
  • Lots of white space
  • Your logo or website name
  • Your color scheme
  • Stock Photo
  • Different font styles

Below is an example of an Optomized Pinterest image:


You are intrigued to click on the image because it was clean, the message was clear and if it was what you are looking for, you would definitely be more inclined to click on the Pinterest Image

There are a few reasons for this:

– Optomized image size (730 x 1102 px)

– Tons of white space

– Clear message ( you know exactly what you are clicking on)

Utilize Group Pinterest Boards

Most of my growth has come from group boards. I usually group up with like-minded bloggers, mom bloggers and other power pinners to grow my reach. Some things to keep in mind:

– Post different content on your group boards. (Don’t pin the same thing repeatedly)

– Pin other people’s content too.

– Pin at different times of the day, so you don’t clutter up and spam your audiences news feed.

– Join websites like pingroupie.com to find ALL the group boards.

Enable Rich Pins

You needed to do this like yesterday. Enabling rich pins allows your post title to be bold under the pin, add your meta description to the pin. Enabling rich pins allows you to add a price or map in your description, in addition to the other SEO benefits.


Update your name

Why would I want you to change your name on Pinterest? Not necessarily change, just add to it. If you name is Jane Doe and your profile says you have a husband, a dog and enjoy long walks on the beach, then nobody is going to know what the heck it is you do. Change your name to Jane Doe – (what you do) for example my Pinterest is primarily focused (as my business) on blogging and business tips. So my Pinterest name is Victoria Berg – Blog and Business Tips and my about has what I do and my website.

Make your Pinterest your ultimate client magnet

Before I started optimizing my Pinterest for growth, I would pin recipes, nice outfits that I wanted, at home activities for my children. Absolutely NOTHING that was relevant to my business, which wasn’t doing me any good. I started evaluating who my ideal client was, and what they would want. If I were them and I was looking on Pinterest, what would I be looking for?

I used those answers to come up with the names of my boards. My ideal client would be looking for blog tips, biz tips, income reports, quotes, stock photos and ways to monetize their blog. I created about 10 boards to attract my ideal client, and started pinning my content, and other relevant content onto my boards, and the follows started coming in.

Some things to keep in mind.

– If you’re using your Pinterest strictly for business, keep it on topic. (Take advantage of secret boards to save non-relevant pins)

– Think about things your ideal client/customer/reader would be attracted to.

Engage on other pins

While Pinterest isn’t exactly a social website, there are ways to use it as such. Liking, re-pinning and commenting on other peoples pins are a very simple way to get noticed. For example, I notice an image that I like, but isn’t exactly relevant to any of my boards, I could simply ‘like’ it and the other user would get a notification that I liked it. This usually draws people to go check out your account and may get you a click to your website or a follow.

Quality AND Quantity

Isn’t it usually quantity or quality? Not on Pinterest. In order to get the most re-pins/likes/follows you need to pin often and you need to pin good content. There are a few peak times to share on Pinterest, while they vary from website to website, the general consensus of the best time to post is late evening/super early morning.(11pm-4am) on Thursday-Saturday. These are the peak times and will ensure that your pins don’t just fall into a black hole never to be seen again.


If you liked these tips, you can join me on my Pinterest group board, as well.


Are you ready to drive colossal traffic to your blog/website?

How To Get Work Done When You Work From Home

work from home
work from home

Work at home opportunities have increased so much in the last few years, it seems like everyone is either leaving their full time job to pursue an online dream or they have some form of a work at home side hustle.

Being able to work at home is a great opportunity for a diverse amount of people.

You can work at home if:

– You are a stay at home parent

– Disabled

– Retired

The possibilities to work from home are nearly endless and the work from home job market doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. 

Being able to work from home isn’t the hard part. There are a ton of work from home jobs you can do with or without a degree.

You could start and Etsy Store selling products.

Become a virtual assistant.

Resell clothing.

Data Entry

Or you could even start a money making blog.

One of the greatest problems that many people struggle with when they work from home, is being able to get work done! Sounds crazy right?

It is totally logical. If you have ever worked a job where you go to your workplace, you know how easy it is turn your work mode on and your home mode off. When you work from home it is totally different! Depending on your job, you may set your own hours, or maybe you have children that make productivity hard. Whatever the reason, being able to actually get work done when you work from home is a daunting task, but is definitely feasible.


work from home

Here are some steps that you can take today to increase your productivity when you work from home;

Set a schedule for yourself. 

It seems simple enough, right? It is incredibly simple, but will definitely increase the amount of work that you get done. There are a MILLION ways to schedule out your day, you can time block, leaving no minute unaccounted for, which is great for those of us control freaks who just can’t do anything productive when we have free time. You can also set yourself business hours, if you have the flexibility to do so in your work from home job. I was NEVER a schedule oriented person until I started to work from home, now I feel like I may spontaneously combust if I don’t have my business scheduled out.


Every day I make a note, either mental or on paper, and it sets my priorities for the day. What are the absolutes that I need to do for my business today to give me that extra push? What are some things that I would like to get done, but aren’t necessarily time sensitive. Some examples, for absolutes are send out a newsletter, publish or schedule social media or send that follow up email to so and so. An example of something that I would like to get done, but isn’t necessarily time sensitive is maybe brainstorming blog post idea, because that is something that could be done almost anywhere.

Create a space you love working in

THIS. Having a space that is yours, where you can separate yourself from all of the other million things that are going on in your life is essential when you work from home. I write from the car, the couch, the bathtub, outside, pretty much anywhere you can bring a laptop, I am writing. That’s not the hard part for me though. Writing is very natural to me and I could write for hours, with a million things going on around me. I need an office space to work on other things like my graphic design, creating worksheets, scheduling social media and things like that. I definitely have shiny object syndrome, so creating a space where I can separate myself from all of life’s distractions is essential for the growth of my business.

Limit the distractions

While if you are like me and work from home with two little ones in the house, limiting your distractions can feel almost impossible. You feel like you JUST sit down and start to get work done and BOOM, the phone rings or someone’s awake from their nap, or your cat is not-so-subtly making his presence known by walking all over the keyboard and your animal-guilt steps in and you need an impromptu snuggle session with your real babies, or your fur babies. Oh that’s only me? Anyways.. Some ways that you can limit distractions is by having a no-phone rule for a certian amount of time. I am the worst person for charging my phone, but when it finally dies, I feel like I can get so much done. I no longer feel tempted to check up on the latest sales or YouTube video binge watch nap time away. If you are uncomfortable shutting your phone off completely, a lot of phones have a do not disturb mode where you can only take calls from certain people and your phone doesn’t notify you of anything.

work from home

Be intentional

This is most definitely something that you can take away, not only when you work from home, but in your life to. Do you ever feel like you are doing the same thing over and over, kind of like you are on auto pilot? You aren’t breaking through barriers and you aren’t thriving, you’re just surviving. The best way to be intentional when you work from home is to work. WOAH. Mind blown. Take action in your work and notice what you are doing, why you are doing it. It is definitely a great way to keep grounded in all of the things that you are doing and help keeps you focused on the task at hand.

Take a break when you need one

The worst thing for your business is to get burnt out. Knowing when to step back, take a break and let your mind re-focus can have amazing results in your productivity when you work from home. You can get burnt out very quickly when you work from home, the hustle is real. While all of that hustle is great and is going to give you the extra edge when you work from home, it all to easy to hustle hustle hustle and not take a break. You’ll forget breakfast because you just HAVE to finish this one thing, but then you end up forgetting all together about breakfast and lunchtime comes around and you have a killer migraine and can’t get anything done.

Don’t forget about your self care

Setting up a self care routine is very important. As I said above, it can be easy to get burnt out when you work form home. Taking a moment to yourself is so important to your business. Even just stepping away from everything for a few minutes and doing something you LOVE. Personal hygiene is very important in self care, along with ditching the sweats and looking the way you feel on the inside.


With all of these great tips in mind, what are you going to do to increase your productivity while working from home?


Don’t forget to snag the workbook!

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Stock Photos: How To DIY

stock photos
stock photos

Do you know those really nice stock photos?

Like the ones that are super bright and have a ton of white space for adding text?

Yeah the ones that cost like a million dollars.

Investing in your blog/business is essential for growth, but sometimes it just isn’t in the budget. I was running out of free stock photos and I didn’t feel like purchasing any other than for the fact that I am so indecisive that I would have crazy buyers remorse over a picture.

It’s a serious problem.

I wanted to try and take my own stock photos.

Try being the key word.

My first round went awful. The photos were dark and looked so bad that I wouldn’t even use them!

I, in no way shift shape or form have any background in photography other than the fact that I take a TON of pictures of my kiddos and a bunch of selfies. So how the hell was I going to accomplish this?

I went to the place where I always go when life is getting me down.

*insert majestic music*

The Dollar Store

Seriously though, EVERYTHING IS A DOLLAR. It just blows my mind. Until I check out and it’s like $30.

Uhh what?

I set out on a mission to create my own stock photos on a budget. Some of the elements I already had around the house and others I had purchased.

At the store I found;

– Fun clips

– Feathered notebook

– “Fancy” pen

– Poster Board

With my dollar store finds in tow, I booked it home to figure out the art of taking some fancy photos.

srock photo
What you will need for the stock photos;

-A camera

– Fun office supplies

– Thick board

– REALLY GOOD LIGHTING (I like to use outside lighting because it doesn’t make weird shadows and sometimes it tends to make your stock photos look yellow)

Luckily, it was a sunny day here, because the lighting in my house is less than ideal.
I laid the poster board on the ground, and thought about all of the stock photos I use.

Where is the computer placed? What other elements do stock photos incorporate?

Now it was time to place the items. I tried to play with the really bold colors/ gold accents a lot in this picture. It’s very difficult for me to not photograph all of the black things together, because I am black obsessed!

I waited for the clouds to uncover the sun and started shooting.

Placing the items

I would like to say that I strategically placed the items, but I kind of just set them down and hoped that they looked good. Playing around with the items was super fun. I honestly didn’t think that shooting inanimate objects Would be so much fun, but it was.

Things I kept in mind with this stock photo shoot

– I wanted a lot of white space in these photos

– I wanted to have my own touch on them

– I really wanted them to be light and happy

Shooting the items

So having the poster on the ground and arranging the items, allowed me to stand over the poster board.  Standing above all of the items, I was able to take some really nice photos. After snapping the picture I could crop everything out of the picture except for the white area. Like Below;

stock photo
Editing the stock photos

I downloaded an app on my iPhone called Photo Editor, I cropped the photo.

stock photo

I brightened it, and played with the shadows, highlights and contrast.

stock photo
And finally it was time for the final product.

Here is the finished stock photo from that shoot.


I think, for me having no experience in photography, that the photos turned out seemingly well. I hope that you got some good tips from this post and that you can start taking your own stock photos.

Don’t want to take your own photos?

You can snag this stock photo and the rest of the photos from the shoot in my resource library.

Click Here To Grab The Photos

Why You Shouldn’t Start A Blog In 10 Minutes


If you have been on Pinterest or even the internet in the past few months, you have probably seen a title similar to ‘How To Start A Blog in 10 minutes”. You are usually inclined to click on that, if the blogs that you follow are successful. Who doesn’t love the idea of quitting your day job to be a stay at home blogger?

As someone who did start a blog in 10 minutes and then started a blog the right way, there are some important things that go into starting up a blog that you just can’t do in 10 Minutes Or Less, no matter what any successful blog tells you. You need to have a good name, good hosting, a blog plan and connections in your niche.

I started a free WordPress blog, found myself a cool customizable theme and started posting right away but it was pretty much just me talking to myself on the Internet. I had high hopes for monetizing my blog but I was so limited on my free website and my blog name that I hadn’t put a lot of thought into, to be honest.

I was growing out of my blog name and I taught myself everything that I could about blogging. I needed to have a blog that fit me, and my business needs. I wanted to be able to post what I wanted to post and be able to use my own voice as opposed to catering all of my posts to fit with my name.

Make a plan

Before we jump into the actual creation of your blog you need to make up a plan. In this plan you will need to take the following steps;

What are you trying to do with your blog? Think about what you intend to do from your blog. Are you planning to earn money, get your voice heard or just have a sort of place to tell your story and vent about things?

Pick a name. This may sound simple but it is very important in the long run. I have grown out of so many blog names that I didn’t think through the whole way. Think into the long run, how is your website name going to stand up to the test of time.

Chose a color scheme. You also need to think about color schemes, this may seem irrelevant but the amount of time that I spent finding colors that worked together would blow your mind. Susannah from Garnishing Co wrote a lovely post on how to choose the right color scheme, you can read the full post by clicking here.

So now that you have somewhat of an idea of what you want to do with your blog, you now have to actually create it. This is the fun part for me at least. In order to have full customization abilities , you want to get good hosting, a responsive theme and an idea in mind of a logo you want to buy/create yourself.

Getting Set Up

Choose a web host. You probably know of a few web hosting companies without even realizing it. Bluehost, goDaddy, Host Gator and eHost are among the most popular. I currently use Bluehost as most bloggers do. They have awesome customer service and helped me build my websites, but there are good things about all of them. You can sign up for hosting from Bluehost HERE.

Get yourself a badass theme. In the beginning of my blogging career, I never really understood the importance of having a good theme. I thought people would come to my website and just want to read what I was writing. HA HA. I was mistaken. Some people wouldn’t even take a second look at my website to view the content that I was posting. If you use hosting through Bluehost, it is so easy to buy themes and install from your cPanel, or straight from WordPress if that is the blogging platform you are using. A theme really lets you personalize your website and make it your own. There are some amazing people who make themes too, for example Ana from Minted Pixel has some gorgeous themes that you can purchase and at a very fair price too! You can check them out at mintedpixel.com or by clicking HERE.

Now you have gotten yourself a fancy looking blog, a plan of what you want to get out of your blog and a name that will withstand the test of time. Now the fun can begin.

Starting to Blog

Create Blog Posts. Hopefully, this is why you started a blog in the first place like I did, for the love of writing. Create posts that your readers will not only love to read, but that you love yo write. I love helping people so my website is mostly hacks, how-to’s and helpful tips. It may take some time to figure our what you are good at writing about, but it will definitely come.

Make yourself some corresponding social media accounts. This way, all of your Facebook friends can keep up to date without you seeming annoying on their newsfeed. Also, so you can promote on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, LinkedIN, Periscope and about the other 100 social media websites I didn’t find out about until I became a blogger.

Promote the shit out of it. Seriously, in the beginning it feels like you are talking to no one, but then your voice finally gets heard and it’s like an AHA moment and then you make awesome relationships with other bloggers and business owners and it feels so great.

Take some courses. The big badass world of blogging is forever evolving. Things that I thought I knew from years ago are no longer relevant.  In my last post, I made a list of the best free and paid blogging courses that will help you get started the right way. You can check it out HERE

Stay consistent. Try and schedule your posts for the same day each week, so your readers have something to look forward to. This may take a little trial and error as your blogging develops until you get into the swing of things.


You can also get a head start on your blogging career and sign up for my FREE Library of Resources for Bloggers and other creatives, complete with blogging worksheets, stock photos and more.

Start a blog

The Ultimate Roundup Of Free and Paid Blogging Courses


As you know, it takes time and money to blog and you don’t want your time or money to go to waste. Through trial, error and a pinch of luck you may still need some outside intervention. Luckily there are millions of options. 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching free and paid blogging courses. Depending on your budget you may be able to muster up some money for those really quality courses that are going to give you that extra edge in your blogging career but this post was created to help give you a quality alternative if you cannot spare the change and are still looking to grow your blog through blogging courses.



You may think that you know all there is to blogging, but I can assure you that you don’t. I don’t, nobody does. Throughout the years, blogging has changed so much and continues to evolve. As blogging changes, new information arises on how work this, or do that. As a beginner blogger, I thought that courses were a waste of my time and were taking away time that I wanted to be writing. Boy was I wrong! After taking a few  ton of courses on blogging I really did get some good take always.

My favorite Paid Course- The Blogcademy. If you’re looking to invest in your blog, this blogging course is the way to go. Blogcademy breaks it down into bite sized chunks and gives you worksheets and includes a transcript of the course also.

My favorite FREE Course- Intentional Blogging from Jeff Goins. This blogging course is really good from beginner blogger all the way to intermediate or advanced. There are 12 lessons in this free blogging course that go over getting started, finding your blogs focus and your voice.

Growing Your Email List

As a blogger and business owner, I know the importance of an email list. Not only does it help connect with your readers in a more personal level, but it also opens the door to allow you to let them know about your products and promotions right to their inbox.

My favorite Paid Course – List Surge from Melyssa Griffin For only $297 you can have lifetime access to this bomb course. If you don’t have $300 to invest in your blog or business, you should seriously find it. Melyssa has some amazing tips and her strategies have proven to work.

My favorite FREE Course – List Building from Lead Pages. You can download this course right to your computer, which is awesome first of all, and it comes with audio tracks so you can listen to it on the go. (For those of us who love podcasts!) It also has PDFs to print out too! I like to write things down, so having print outs is awesome to me!


blogging course

Social Media Marketing

I am trying to get back into Twitter and really get my game face on. Just jumping back into Twitter during the launch of my most recent blog, it got very overwhelming and I felt like my posts were getting lost in the mix of all the other posts and I wasn’t getting the full value. Since I wasn’t taking in any clients (aka not making money) I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money while I was staying home full time. I researched A LOT of free courses. I took Strategic Analysis all the way down to Blogging Basics to make sure I had all my bases covered. I learned quite a bit about what it takes to have a quality blogging course, free or paid.

My favorite paid course- Social Media Marketing by Northwestern University.

This course, available on coursera for $80, is 5 courses compiled into one. It goes in depth into Social Media, the power of listening, engagement, advertising and business. At the end of this course you will receive a certificate in social media marketing.

My favorite Free course- Social Media Marketing by Shaw Academy.

In this free course you will learn about YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. After completion of this course, you will also have a diploma in Social Media Marketing.


Thinking of your blog like a business is the best way to do things, especially if someday you intend to monetize your blog and be able to create something of it. When it comes to turn your blog into a business, there are a TON of ways you can go about it. These next two courses will be about business as it pertains to blogging.

My favorite FREE blogging course- Infopreneur in 5 by Regina. In this free email course she goes over creating info products, breaking down how to turn a profit from them and how to create online workshops that you can package and sell later.

My favorite paid course- Elite Blogging Academy. While enrollment is currently close for EBA, I can still tell you about them. EBA is not only a monetary investment, but a timely one which may turn ‘quick fix’ people off. This 12 part blogging program is good for new bloggers and advanced bloggers alike, which is awesome to kind of have a program that works for a lot of people.


I classify Pinterest into it’s own category because it is not like the other social media channels. Pinterest is more accurately described as a search engine. Almost all of the content made up on Pinterest is that of blog posts. If you can master Pinterest, than you can master blog traffic.

My favorite FREE Course- Pinterest Power by Lady Boss League. This 5 day course offers you strategies to pinning and why no one is following you. This course is awesome to getting your feet wet with Pinterest.

My favorite Paid course- Power of Pinning by Melanie Duncan. For an investment of $297 you can get Melanie’s proven steps to building Pinterest growth, a workbook, videos and a content creation checklist.


I hope, that with these free and paid courses, you can take your blogging to the next level and be able to monetize and have a profitable blog.

In what ways are you looking to expand in your blog or grow the monetary value of your blog?


blogging courses 5

You can also sign up for my FREE E Mail course on how to stop wasting your time in your blog and business!


5 Blogging Hacks Every Blogger Should Use

blogging hacks

blogging hacks


When I first started out blogging, I thought everything I did needed to be insanely difficult and that there was this secret society of bloggers who didn’t give away their blogging secrets to push new bloggers out. That was before I figured out blogging hacks.

Ha ha

I soon realized that I just didn’t know where the hell to look for the proper information, or that the process of finding exactly what I was looking for became so strenuous that I quickly gave up my search.

As a new blogger, I felt like all I was doing was either promoting on one social media website or another and not doing what I started blogging for, the writing.

I felt like I wasn’t connecting with my readers because I was too busy typing everything into 160 characters or less.

I needed a change.

I took to the Internet and looked up phone hacks, computer hacks, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest hacks, blogging hacks, you name it, I have looked up them all.

I decided to take some of the things that I learned from those hacks a and implement them into my blogging and social media promotion.

Here is what I came up with:

My first and favorite blogging hack is as simple as copy and paste.

You heard that right, baby.

I pre-type up my social media posts and tweak them as I post them. I change up the hashtags and switch around some words, but they are usually very similar to the same post.

see below;




So then where do you paste that from there? This brings me to my next time saver! HOOTSUITE. My life and my love of blogging. There are a ton of scheduling software like Buffer and a bunch of others, but Hootsuite is free and easy as heck to use, so I will stick with what I know. I copy and paste my post, add an image and schedule it our for the next day.



My next blogging hack is hashtag hacking. I use this in Instagram instead of typing out a million hashtags into the box on Instagram. If you are using an iPhone or iPad you can do this hack. Go to settings> General > Keyboard > Text Replacement




Another blogging hack I LOVE using is the hidden image code. Some of you are probably like WTF is she talking about, and the other half are hearing angels sing! If you’re on Pinterest then you know all about those big beautiful images that make you want to click on them.

Yeah those ones. 

The ones that look AMAZING on Pinterest but take up your entire website it seems.  When writing a post, I would rather read a post that has a bunch of normal size pictures throughout as opposed to one humongous picture.

here is the code :

<div style=”display: none;”>insert image link here :)</div>

Now how do you use it?

You insert the image into the code in the text editor of your post. See below:

Blogging hacks8 Blogging hacks7





Another one of my favorite blogging hacks is the tweet this plug in. All I do is type

then my readers can tweet an inspirational quote, something hilarious I said or something they found incredibly useful.

I really hope that you found this post useful and that you got something that you can take away from this. Making my life, and other bloggers lives easier is something that I definitely strive for. I am always looking for new blogging hacks, so if you have any to share drop them in the comments.

What is your favorite blogging hack or thing that makes blogging easier for you?


Blogging hacks